Sunday, October 27, 2013

Hello Everybody!!!!

It's been so so long since last time I wrote in my blog, in this blog. You have not idea how much I missed it! The problem was that I took a little break from the blog and when I wanted to come back I had a little memory problem and I lost my log in information, the email attached to it, everything! Today I finally recovered it and I am back. So I just wanted to say Hello and I hope you are all doing great.
It's been a long year around here, I started a new job last December that took all my time and energy, but now that I got use to the big change, I am me again! I'm working in the IT world, studying to get certifications and trying to get better everyday, this is a wonderful chance for me to built a carer. Of course if you know me you will know that my new profession is not related to what my real passion is... Knitting!
Ohhh.... you have not idea of how happy I am to be able to write in my blog again, I missed you all.
I want to share my latest creation with you My mama Rabbit and her family!
Hugs for you!!!!!

Spanish- Castellano
Hay Dios mio no saben la alegria que tengo de poder estar escribiendo en este blog otra vez! Pense que nunca mas lo iba a hacer. Lo que paso fue que el Diciembre del anio pasado empece un trabajo nuevo, fue tan grande el cambio que  tomo todo mi tiempo y energia, entonces me tome un descansito del blog. El problema fue que me fallo la memoria y nunca mas me pude acordar el password o la contrasenia. Me daba mucha lastima no poder avisarles el motivo de mi desaparicion. Bueno hoy fue un dia muy especial porque gracias a Dios que me ilumino las neuronas pude recuperar toda la informacion que necesitaba para poder entrar a mi blog!!!! Chicas las extranie muchisimo!!!!!!!!! Espero no me hayan olvidado!!!
Mama Rabbit
Hoy quiero compartir con ustedes mi ultima creacion, La familia Conejin!
Mama Rabbit and her daughter

The whole family

Rabbit Junior

 Rabbit Junior

I hope you like them!
Espero que te gusten!

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

New updates!

Thanksgiving is here! What a great holiday. You get to enjoy your family great homemade food and plenty of time to chill and maybe knit a little!
We are cooking a turkey breast tomorrow because we all like white meat and we are only four people at home, so it will be plenty. Of course we are going to make the yummy sweet potatoes, and smash potatoes and Flan for dessert! Ohhh and we are going to be baking our own bread!
I can't wait until tomorrow!


My Shop

I don’t know if you have notice but I renew the look of the blog a little, and since blogger has added new features I was able to add more pages and one of them is my SHOP!
Yes! I wanted to do that for a very long time and finally I could accomplish it!
My creating mood is on again, it finally came back! So, I have the felling that this long weekend is going to be very productive. I want to make new things; I have ideas many ideas… You’ll see!
Come visit my shop
I hope you like it!


Ohhhh I also wanted to tell you that I have finished my Sylvi Coat! Oh my…. I am in love with it coat! I wasn’t able to take decent pictures yet, but I show you what I have so you can see it!
 I love it!!!! yes it was a lot of work, but the results are incredible. The pattern is really easy to follow and to be honest I didn't have any problems. The yarn worked perfect for this coat, after blocking it;s a lot softer and I like the stitch definition too.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone, enjoy as much as you can!
Many hugs for you!


Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Shenandoah Fiber Festival, VA 2012

Sweet alpaca giving me a kiss!
Good Morning everybody! How are you today? How is your day going?
I am doing well, thank you!
For the last 3 years I wanted to go to the Shenandoah Fiber Festival in VA and for some reason I always missed the date! This year I was lucky because I checked just in time before the weekend date. I told my husband that I really wanted to go and if he wanted to come with me and... he said yes! (Usually is a girly thing, you know).
So, last Saturday we went to the festival! We got there around noon, and it was a lot of local vendors selling really nice stuff. We walk around and I thought how dangerous this place could be if you are addicted to yarn. I also thought that it's probably one of the best places to buy yarn, because is good quality and is not really expensive. We got to see the animals and pet them.We really enjoyed it

I also wanted to tell you that I felt in love with one of the alpacas, she was the sweetest alpaca ever, she gave me a nose kiss!!! hihihihi too cute!
You should have seen this, there was a lady that had angora bunnies! Oh my they are so so soft! and she was spinning directly from the angora bunny!
Angora Bunny, I want one so bad!

Spinning from the bunny!

It was truly a wonderful day, the ride was breath taking, the weather was perfect ( cold enough for me to use my Mythos cardigan, and 4 people stopped me to ask me about my cardigan! I felt proud of my knitting, yes you can call it vanity!), and I had the perfect company!
I also wanted to tell you that my dear hubby was a saint, he put up with walking and looking at yarn for like 3 hours! , and after buying the sweet popcorn, he said "So? have you decided on what yarn do like the most?" I said well is so hard to pick, but why do you ask? because I want you to get some good yarn so you can make something nice for you! I just looked at him and smiled and he smiled back. (he knows how much I love alpaca yarn). You see,  I went with a set of mind "not to buy yarn, because we are a little broke", but there he was... trying to make me happier than I already was! So, I said yes I'm between two, but you have to help me to decide on the color (he is really good with colors, he is a Graphic's designer). So "we picked" a 1000 yards of sport Alpaca yarn on a beautiful light blue that he said it will look good on me!
I was and I am so happy! You see, I'm not just happy because I have this beautiful yarn, but also because the person that I love the most helped me to picked the yarn color  and spend the whole afternoon doing something that I wanted to do (he not so much) just to see me happy! That's why I spend the last 11 years of my life with him, for the simple things of daily life that we do to make each other happier. At the end it's all about that, caring for each other.
So, that was part of m y weekend full of happiness and love!

Have a great day, don't forget to smile and give somebody a hug!

Hugs to you,

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Baby Abigail's Cardigan

In the mean while I had to knit something cute and tiny for somebody special and beautiful!
Here is a little gift I made for my husband's coworker's baby Abigail! I choose a very cute pattern called
Well, the truth that I bought this yarn  a long time ago. I could never find the right project for it. Finally one day I came across this pattern and I loved it! Unfortunately, I had to make some modifications on the pattern since I didn't have enough yarn (but I really really wanted to use this yarn), but it came out pretty, don't you think? Colors of Candy and Rainbow together ideal for a little girl!

Becky ,the mom (she is very sweet) loved  it and as soon as my husband gave to her she sent me a beautiful thank you text and that same day in the evening  I received a pic of baby Abigail wearing the cardigan!
Too cute! I was so glad to see that the size was perfect!
Baby's Lace Cardigan by Stefanie Japel

Love buttons!

Baby Abigail!The cutest model!
Have a great week!
Hugs to you

Friday, September 14, 2012

I am an ambitious knitter

Sylvi by Mari Muinonen

There is one pattern that I love since the first moment I saw it and because I was intimidated by its difficulty and length it has been sitting in my queue for a very long time. Yes I am talking about Sylvi coat! What a beautiful and ambitious pattern!
Well, last week I ordered the yarn to start knitting this pattern. I waited for 5 days to receive the package with the yarn and I finally got it like two days ago.
My needles are on fire! My Sylvi is in progress and I love it.
For the yarn I picked the Cascade Eco+ on a plum color, and I tell why I choose the yarn: well, first of all because is 100% wool and is going to be warm for winter and second because the price was great $19 for 478 yard of bulky yarn per skein. Not bad ha!

It’s true, I became and ambitious knitter. I like complicated projects now, and this one is going to take me a while, and because I just couldn’t resist I started knitting the back first… Surprisingly is not as complicated as it seems which is good.
I’ll be taking pics, so you can see.

Have a great weekend,
Many hugs for you


Tuesday, September 4, 2012

My Leftie is finished!

Happy face!

Having this past long weekend gave me enough time not only to finish my knitting project but also to take pictures of it so you can see it.
Finally my Leftie is out of the needles! And I -LO-VE- IT!!! It came out just perfect, because the colors matched beautifully. I have to confessed that knitting garter stitch is not my favorite, because after a while it gets boring, so basically I had to make myself think about the final results to keep going and that’s how I got trough all the garter stitch part. Making the leaves was fun and after making a couple of them I got use to it and I didn’t need to fallow the pattern anymore. I made a total of 22 leaves and for my neck size it was plenty, because I am able to wrap it all around without a problem. You can find this project raveled here.
My Leftie Shawl

 All I have to say about this pattern is that is really easy and well explain and that the result is just beautiful. I highly recommend it!
It’s going to be hard to wait for cooler days to be able to use it, I can’t wait!

Now, well I am just looking for the next project, I can’t decide tough, maybe I just should find the right yarn for my Sylvi. I have to have a Sylvi!

Hugs to you


Monday, August 20, 2012

Our mini Vacation at Playa del Carmen, Mexico

Playa del Carmen, Mexico
We are back from our mini honeymoon vacation! What a relaxing week! We had the best time ever! Playa del Carmen, Mexico is just beautiful. This beach is located at 45 minutes drive from Cancun. The neighborhood was very pleasant and clean, the people were super friendly and polite, everybody said Hola Amiga! (It means hello friend!), they make you feel at home.
We went to the Riu Palace Rivera Maya Hotel, it was beautiful, service was outstanding and the food was delicious!  And while you were sitting on the beach the waitresses passed walking with a tray full of drinks, offering water, beer, piña coladas etc. So you don’t have to worry about going back to the bar to get a drink. I would totally come back to this hotel next year when we go back! (Yes we are going back next year!) The water in the Ocean is warm and super clear! You can snorkel all day if you want.
View from our balcony

The Hotel's pool
Playa del Carmen beach at the hotel
Yoga on the Ruins
We visited Tulum’s ruins. Tulum was one of the last cities inhabited and built by the Mayas. This place was mystical and full of energy and history. The beach at Tulum is protected for nesting sea turtles. The main Beach was closed because the turtles’ eggs all over the beach.
The Maya civilization habited the Yucatan Peninsula and their architecture is considered on of the wonders of the world.
While visiting Tulum we went snorkeled in the middle of the ocean! The water was completely clear! It was incredible!
I got sick though from all the movement of the boat and I through up! After that I felt good again.
Tulum's beach

we went snorkel on that little boat!

ready to go snorkeling

We also went to one of the Cenotes called Dos Ojos (Cenotes are surface connections to subterranean water bodies. Water is often very clear, as the water comes from rain water infiltrating slowly through the ground. Cenotes are unique to this area, not only in Mexico but also the world.) What a magical place! It was located on a Maya Community place and it belongs to them. I was amazed by it’s beauty! We had a guide who took us to the caves in the Cenote. We had to use the snorkel equipment and wear a wet suit to go into and through the caves, because the water is very cold; and we also had to hold a little lantern to see where we were going since the caves are completely dark and at some points the caves’ ceilings got so low that you only had room to pass your head! It’s been scary at some points, but so worth it!
Cenote Dos Ojos

We also went to Cancun; it was beautiful as well, a lot more touristy and you can see the monsters hotels all over the “Zona hotelera”, but a little too busy for my taste. I prefer Playa del Carmen! A million times more relaxing!
All I have to say is that my husband and I had a wonderful vacation and we got to spend a lot of time together and we got to disconnect from all the problems and such. Very relaxing and lovely time!
Now back to normal again, but charged with positive Maya and relaxing energy!